How to Volunteer for a Clinical Trial: (619) 585-8882

GW Research conducts clinical trials in San Diego County, mostly for gastro-intestinal and conditions. Your participation in a clinical trial helps on many levels. Not only will you be helping to treat a condition that affects thousands of other people, you will likely be helping yourself, too. Even if the initial response to study medicine is not significant, we will make every effort available after the study, to help you deal with your condition.

Clinical Trials are health-related research and biomedical studies on people that follow pre-defined protocols. What that really means to you is that the Clinical Trial facility will be repeating the same treatments, procedures, tests and observations for many people with the same condition. These “protocols” are developed by medical research companies or government health organizations in order to find effective treatments or cures to certain conditions. Your personal information is completely safeguarded, since you will be assigned a number and initials, and your name will not be used in the clinical trial.

Throughout the study the clinical trial facility will be providing care for your condition.

So how do you enroll in a clinical trial? It is an easy process.

  • Your first step is to understand what the Clinical Trial is all about. To see a list of current San Diego County Clinical Trials, visit our Ongoing Trials page.

  • You will see that each clinical trial has a set of major “Inclusion Criteria”, like the type of clinical condition or disease you must have, age, sex and other general critieria. There are also major “Exclusion criteria”, specified in the description of the trial. If you think you generally meet these inclusion and exclusion criteria, your next step is to contact the Clinical Trial Facility. Here at San Diego County Clinical Trials, you can go to our Volunteer page or simply call us on the telephone at (619) 585-8882. We are likely looking for people like you.

  • You will now be considered a potential volunteer, and you will be “pre-screened” to see if you qualify as a participants for the clinical trial. We will usually do this pre-screening on the telephone, so you do not have to leave the comfort of your home to find out if you pass the initial pre-screening.

  • If you pass the pre-screenings, you will be invited to our facility, where the first thing you will do is read carefully and sign your Informed Consent and the “California Experimental Subject Bill Of Rights”.

Once this is done, you are officially in the clinical trial. We will carefully review in detail, not only the major criteria you already met, but all specific “Inclusion and Exclusion criteria”. If you meet all the criteria, the proceedings of the trial begin, including a complete medical evaluation and laboratory testing.

None of these steps are difficult, and we will help you every step of the way. If you are not sure if you qualify, but are interested in taking part in a clinical trial, feel free to call and we will be glad to discuss this with you.

We welcome you as a participant in one of our San Diego Country Clinical Trials. Go see our ongoing clinical trials or if you have already seen one that may be appropriate for you, go to our Volunteer page now or call (619) 585-8882.

For more information on Clinical Trails and how they work you can visit

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